2. The Delusions Of A Noise Psychopath Addicted To Blues
    Disfigured Human Mind

  3. Quando A Inteligência Animal Supera A Burrice Humana
    Disfigured Human Mind

  4. Uma Limpeza Com Soda Caústica E Amoníaco Sonoro & Pura Lixívia Para Um Ruído Sulfúrico
    Split with Drenagem

  5. Hellish Noise Anti Black Metal For Pussies / The Ape-Alm Death Sessions
    Split with Vettige Kanarie

  6. Esquizofrenia Diabólica
    Disfigured Human Mind

  7. "Somos Os Drenagem"

  8. "INHUMAN MANIFEST OF IBERIAN NOISECORE" Split / Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

  9. Grotesque And Demented Creature
    Anonimuus Creature

  10. Surviving In A Rotten World When Mankind Becomes Pure Shit
    Disfigured Human Mind

  11. Impetuosa Estirpe Atroada

  12. Garbage Noise Raw Sessions Vol.I
    Disfigured Human Mind

  13. Just Don't See Who Doesn't Want To See
    Split with Terlarang

  14. Noize Session Live In Hellgium
    Disfigured Human Mind

  15. Tudo Lixo Corrosivo Proveniente De Portugal
    Split with Ansiedade Asmática / Finecut

  16. Abysmal Mazes
    Split with KurNuGia

  17. Paranormal Nihilist Philosophy
    Anonimuus Creature

  18. Let's Grind The World With Noise
    Split with The Bimbos

  19. Inject Into Your Veins Noisecore Poison
    Split with Junkie Warrior

  20. Relatos Retorcidos

  21. Rotten Minds Infection
    Split with Corpse Eater

  22. Festering Mindrot
    Split with Holiday Suckers

  23. Underground Morto Demo + Live set at Casa Do Henry in Torres Vedras 09/02/2018

  24. Confessions From The Soul Volume I

  25. Miserável...
    Split with INSOLÊNCIA

  26. No More Options...
    Disfigured Human Mind

  27. When My Morbid Torments Are Speaking Deeply With My Death
    Anonimuus Creature

  28. A P A T I A

  29. Violência Gratuita

  30. Raw Noises Anti Status And Mainstreams...
    Split with Agathocles

  31. A Morte Por Mil Cortes... Pássaras do Norte
    Split with Traumático Desmame

  32. Are You Prepared For This Light Blue Breeze?
    Split With Nihilist Scum

  33. Morbid Schizophrenic Minds in the Cabaret Noisecore
    Split with Insomnia Isterica

  34. Só Queremos Dizer Merda e Meter Nojo
    Split with New York Against The Belzebu

  35. O Noise Mais Fodido do Mundo Está de Volta à Decadência
    Split with Gorgasmico Pornoblastoma

  36. Abominações Cadavericas no Degredo
    Disfigured Human Mind

  37. Ablutionary Rituals

  38. The Violent Necro Noise Devastation
    Split with Insensibilidad Enérgica

  39. The Most Toxic Substances for Humans
    Split with Sete Star Sept

  40. No Happy Faggots, No Happy Shit... Only Noise Grind is Real!!
    Split with Back Alley Lobotomy

  41. G.G. (A La Finesse)
    Disfigured Human Mind

  42. Psychopath Minds Programed to Destroying Other Humans
    Split with Finecut

  43. Infernal Noise Polution
    Disfigured Human Mind

  44. Somos Apenas Ratos do Esgoto
    Split with Stomachal Corrosion

  45. Atomic Aberration
    Disfigured Human Mind

  46. Kur Nu Gia

  47. Descent

  48. Scooping the Cranial Insides

  49. S.D.D.S.

  50. Gastric Hymns Mummified in Purulency

  51. Victim Of his Own Fear

  52. Deadly Fragments
    Disfigured Human Mind

  53. Kill the Famelas
    Disfigured Human Mind


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